Welgegund Heritage Wine Farm is a family owned, boutique wine farm located just outside Wellington in the Blouvlei and on the slopes of the Hawequa mountains. Just off the road known as The Horseshoe, the farm lies peacefully at the end of a quiet, tree-lined cul-de-sac, offering a sense of seclusion and magnificent views of the dramatic mountain peaks bordering it.

Ancient granite outcrops and areas of natural fynbos characterise the farm. The surrounding mountains and nature reserve offer beautiful hiking and mountain biking trails for the adventurous. There is an abundance of bird life, including families of Cape Eagle owls and Barn owls, and Cape mountains leopards are sometimes seen in the mountains above the farm. Nature is all around you at Welgegund.

The farm has many oak trees, some estimated to have been planted up to 150 years ago. They line the farm road and frame the Werf gardens, enhancing the Cape vernacular present at Welgegund and squirrels can often be seen scurrying up and down their old trunks.

Also prolific at Welgegund are indigenous wild olive trees, which surround the cultivated areas with their pale green foliage, creating an aura of serenity and attracting a multitude of birds to their canopy.

The gardens at Welgegund have been newly replanted with beds of massed hydrangeas, in keeping with the style of the farm buildings. Plumbago and agapanthus are also widely planted and hedges outline the formal areas. A vegetable and a herb garden have been established and are thriving with seasonal produce, used for the table.

Welgegund is a Dutch word meaning ‘well bestowed’, which perfectly captures the essence of this beautiful farm.