Our Wines

Wine has an ancient history. At Welgegund, we believe that we are custodians of the timeless and enduring art of winemaking, an art that has been part of human civilisation for time immemorial. We are proud to be part of this rich tradition and strive to create wines that are respectful of the past but a pure expression of their own vintage.

Our heritage wines are handcrafted from old character plantings on our farm in Wellington and celebrate the unique combination of the climate, terroir and cultivars of this beautiful farm. The very hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters are ideally suited to the Rhône-style vines that have been specifically planted at Welgegund and thrive here, producing grapes of exceptional quality.

These extraordinary grapes allow the masterful hand of the winemaker to guide the natural process of winemaking with minimal intervention, creating wines that are a true reflection of their provenance.

Providence 2021

Chenin Blanc 2017

Chenin Blanc 2019

Cinsault 2017

Cinsault 2019

Grenache Noir 2019

Welgegund Rosé 2023