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Announcing the release of Welgegund’s Providence 2021

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Our team at Welgegund Heritage Wines is delighted to announce the release of Welgegund’s Providence 2021.

Our flagship blend, Providence is only crafted in years when Nature has blessed us with the most perfect of conditions. Only when each varietal is given its ideal weather, beautiful sunlight, cool breezes and our grapes across the cultivars are just a little bit more exceptional than usual, are we able to create something this special.

Welgegund’s 2021 Providence is the culmination of the careful tending our vines receive, our meticulous craftsmanship and our passion for producing wines of unparalleled quality. It showcases the unique characteristics of our estate vineyards, their climate, terroir and cultivars, all of which have played their part in creating a wine that is truly a testament to its provenance and to our dedication to excellence.

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